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Laser Probes

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A Full Portfolio Perfected Over Time

Bausch + Lomb Retina is excited to continue building upon the long history of laser probes that Synergetics began developing nearly two decades ago. That is because it is our goal to continue to find new and innovative solutions for the unique challenges often encountered in the modern practice.

Our patented moving-tube design in the Directional laser probes provides precision and maneuverability due to its unique fiber actuation. Instead of extending the fiber, we designed the sheath to recede into the instrument, saving valuable space when working in close proximity to the retina. Additionally, our popular line of illuminated laser probes have become a trusted instrument for many surgeons.

After almost 20 years, our full line of laser probes reflects the tireless work that we put towards finding new solutions for your unique surgical needs. It is this dedication to innovation that makes us an ideal partner for you.

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